See the world through a child's eyes in this child-focused,
picture book-themed hotel.

世界の美しい絵本と、その中に広がる大きな世界を、全ての子どもたちへ。 世界を変える力を秘めた絵本の素晴らしさを、全ての大人たちへ。 そんな想いを奈良から世界に発信します。

EHON HOTEL is located in Nara, Japan. Grown-ups and children alike can experience the power of books to open our eyes to the great big world we all share. Enjoy beautiful stories and illustrations in books from all over our world.


    EHON means “picture books” in Japanese. At EHON HOTEL, you can encounter selected and curated beautiful picture books from all over the world, mainly Italy; and pop-up books, bath books, and books that cover social themes like gender and environmental issues. These topics are rarely seen in picture books in Japan.

  • Il venditore di felicità

  • Amali e l’Albero

  • Sorpresa nel bosco (森のあかちゃん)

  • Extra Yarn(アナベルとふしぎなけいと)

  • de brief van nijntje

  • ないたあかおに


64 square meter entire apartment. Reservation is limited to one group per stay.

Features and Amenities

    • キッチン(IH)
    • 冷蔵庫
    • 電子レンジ・炊飯器
    • 食器・調理器具
    • 洗濯機・乾燥機
    • シャンプー
    • ボディーソープ
    • 歯ブラシ
    • ヘアドライヤー
    • 寝具一式
    • 大人用トイレ
    • 子ども用トイレ
    • ローテーブル
    • Wifi
    • ワイヤレススピーカー
    • Kitchen (IH)
    • Mini Fridge
    • Microwave
    • Rice Cooker
    • Tableware
    • Kitchen Utensils
    • Washers and Dryer
    • Shampoo
    • Body soap
    • Toothbrush
    • Hair dryer
    • Sets of Futon
    • Adults size toilet bowl
    • Kids size toilet bowl
    • Low table
    • Free Wifi
    • Bluetooth Speaker

Hotel Regulations

Optional Services

  • ミニバー(冷凍食品/アルコール)
  • Mini bar (frozen food, alcohol)

Affiliate Services